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My name is Kim Bromley and I am a level 3 reiki master, yoga teacher and therapist, promoting healing in the Eastbourne, Hastings and Ashford areas.

I have worked as a therapist for over 20 years, learning about how the mind and body can work in harmony with one another, and also with the universal energy that it all around us. My extensive training and experience allows me to create bespoke treatments, so I can support you in a way that works for you.

My unique approach draws on my experience and training in integrative counselling, hypnotherapy, yoga and life coaching. This allows me to be flexible and creative as I support you through life’s challenges, and to create a bespoke holistic package of care that supports your overall health.

After all, you deserve a therapeutic approach that is as unique as you are.

"I will be endlessly grateful to Kim for helping me to help myself and to develop the inner strength to cope and the peace that it then brings."

The Chakras

According to Chinese medicine, there lines of energy called nadis running through your body like a road map. Your chakras are the junctions where these nadis meet. We all face challenges in life and when this happens, perhaps during times of stress, anxiety or depression, your chakras can become unbalanced. The reiki healing, yoga and chakradance I offer can help to balance out your chakras naturally, leaving you feeling relaxed and recharged.

Reiki Healing

Reiki healing is a complementary treatment that uses attunement, a technique for allowing the energy around us to become greater and flow to the areas of the body where it is needed most. This balances your chakras and leaves you feeling deeply relaxed. I am a level 3 reiki master teacher, which means that I have achieved the highest level of attunement possible, and I also teach others how to do reiki healing.

The magical thing about reiki healing is that you don’t need to talk, or even know what’s troubling you to feel the benefits of the treatment. I simply allow my hands to hover over your body, unblocking energy, and helping you to rebalance and relax.

If you are interested in learning more about the reiki healing I offer, or if you would like to book a session in Eastbourne or Hastings, near Ashford, please contact me for a free 20-minute telephone consultation.

"After a few months of sessions my anxiety and panic reduced drastically, and I was able to carry on my work life and home life as normal. I always recommend hypnotherapy and reiki to those I meet with similar fears to mine. It REALLY worked for me. I am now married and due to have my first baby soon. Art of Wellbeing Seriously changed my life."


I teach hatha yoga, which is a moving meditation. In my classes you will learn how to use the breath to support your parasympathetic nervous system. This helps with stress and anxiety, and improves the flow of energy through the chakras.

I offer bespoke one to one and small group yoga sessions where I tailor the postures to your needs, improving your body's natural alignment and flexibility, and leaving you feeling rebalanced and refreshed.

My yoga classes take place at Body Zone in Eastbourne or Toris Wellness in Ashford, Kent. Alternatively, I can come to your home in the Eastbourne, Ashford, Brighton or Hastings areas.

If you are interested in exploring hatha yoga, please contact me for a free 20-minute telephone consultation.

"Lovely and relaxing, enabling me to focus on myself for health and healing."


I'm currently updating the chakradance area of my website. If you are interested in chakradance in Eastbourne or Hastings, near Ashford, please contact me.

Rebalanced and renewed

I have supported clients who have struggled with issues such as:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Grief
  • Separation and divorce

If you would like to explore how I might be able to help you, please contact me for a free 20-minute telephone consultation.

How to find me

I have treatment rooms in Eastbourne and Ashford, Kent, which is easy to reach from surrounding areas such as Hastings, Maidstone, Brighton, Hailsham and Bexhill via Southeastern Railway or local bus routes.

If you would like to explore reiki healing, yoga or chakradance, in the Eastbourne, Hastings or Ashford areas, please contact me for a free 20-minute telephone consultation.

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